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Musical Fidelity V-CAN / V-CAN ll upgrade kit

Max out your V-CAN / V-CAN ll with the Rock Grotto upgrade kit! Every part has been chosen for it's sonic ability after many hours evaluating a wide selection of components - You can be sure the Rock Grotto Upgrade kit will turbo charge your V-Can to levels that even some £400 amps can only dream about!

The capacitors I have chosen for this kit are the ELNA Silmic ll series, Panasonic NHG and Nichicon MUSE. The capacitors have supeb synergy and compliment each other very well.

The kit also comes with a new opamp module (pictured below) which, in conjunction with the capacitors, really takes the sonics to a new dimension of greater clarity, better seperation and smooth silky midrange articulation.


Price for the V-CAN / V-CAN ll upgrade kit = £100 GBP

Shipping: UK £5 Europe £10 ROW £15

To order your kit please contact me